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Is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier the Correct Dog for you ?

Before you buy a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy it is wise to ensure that this is the correct dog for you and your family.  The Stafford is renowned for its affinity with humans and is particularly good with children.  He is therefore a dog who is more comfortable sharing your home or indeed your lap, than spending long periods of time on his own in a kennel.  It should be borne in mind that the cute little puppy you first brought home will mature into a powerful and muscular animal and the males particularly, require a strong arm to control the lead. Staffords love human contact and will often be boisterous with visitors - you have to be prepared for the fact that not all your friends will appreciate this.  Having a dog is a lot of extra work and responsibility and you need to be sure that you wish to commit yourself to your dog's welfare for its lifespan, which on average is between 10 -12 years.

Because of its close relationship with humans the Stafford does not make a good guard dog and is not suited to being left for long periods without outside stimulation.  The Stafford has a colourful history and it is to be remembered that whilst they love people, they will react if challenged by another dog.  For this reason you must always be a responsible owner and never take your dog into a public place unless he is on a collar and lead. Always ensure the collar and lead is of sufficient strength  to withstand the wear and tear to which it will be subjected (leather or nylon webbing are ideal )  The collar should be of sufficient width so as not to cut into your dogs neck, and neither uncomfortably tight nor so loose as to pull over his head in one of those 'stubborn' moments.  In addition, you must you must ensure that your garden is secure and 'dog-proof;  Staffords have no fear of traffic and all to often become road accident victims.  Puppies require a lot of time and patience and two to raise will require double the effort and twice the patience.  It is recommended that where there are two or more Staffords in a household, that they are separated if left unattended for any length of time.

Of course there are many positive virtues owning a Stafford - he is a dog with special qualities which makes him an ideal family dog.  The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is well suited to a close living relationship with its human companions - he is highly intelligent and thrives on a one-to-one basis, being ever eager to please and he will give you a lifetime of devotion.




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